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Swimsafer Test

  • 1 h
  • 50 Singapore dollars
  • Upper Jurong Road

Service Description

The SwimSafer is a National Water Safety Programme in Singapore designed to teach participants how to stay safe around aquatic environments. MOE Schools typically enrol the entire Primary 3/4 cohort for the programme conducted as part of their physical education curriculum. The pre-requisites for students to opt out of their school’s swim programme varies among schools and obtaining SwimSafer certifications externally does not guarantee exemption. Hence, we generally encourage our students to participate in their respective school swimming programmes. Nonetheless TSR aims to conduct SwimSafer certification twice a year for students who wish to be certified for the purpose of school exemption only.. This test is entirely optional. Should you prefer not to participate, be assured that TSR’s Swim Syllabus will fully equip our students with the necessary skills that meet SwimSafer standards. Students can inform their teachers of their swimming abilities by referring to their current TSR levels. We will be conducting Stage 1 and Stage 4 (Bronze) Test. ​ *Students who have no prior SwimSafer certifications, will be registered at the highest possible stage they can achieve. Students who already have a SwimSafer certification, will have to be registered at their next immediate level according to the sequence of stages as the programme does not allow skipping of stages. Students will need to attend 2 sessions - a training and trial test to familiarise students with the test’s requirements and sequences.

Contact Details

  • 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366, Singapore

    +65 9644 3077

I'm signing up for:
Swimming competency of student
Select the Venue for your Swimming Lessons (only applicable for swimming lessons):
Private pool (Condominium/ house)
Pool at D'Arena (Upper Jurong)
Selected ActiveSG Swimming Complex

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