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The Swimming Room was founded in 2006 with a clear mission–to transform lives through the art of swimming. 

about the swimming room

TSR swimming programme is designed to shape complete beginners to proficient swimmers.

The Swimming Room Syllabus

Join us today and embark on a memorable learning journey that will equip you or your child with a skill for life, in a private and conducive learning environment!

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meet our coaches

Introducing our team of TSR swim coaches! We are dedicated to the joyful pursuit of learning. United by our shared love and passion for swimming, we come from diverse backgrounds. Each coach contributes a distinctive blend of fun and enthusiasm to the water, prioritizing the safety of your children.


Co-Founder/ Instructor Trainer / Head Coach

Eugene is a proud father of three daughters and an experienced swim coach who has dedicated over 20 years to coaching students of various ages and personalities. He has honed his coaching skills through his extensive experience, which has empowered over a hundred aspiring swim coaches and instructors to embark on their own coaching journeys. Currently, Eugene is the Head Coach and Instructor Trainer at The Swimming Room Pte Ltd (TSR), a company that he co-founded in 2006. Eugene's journey in the world of swimming began as early as Primary 1, where he excelled in Inter-School National swimming competitions and achieved accolades such as the Individual 200m Butterfly (Gold) and the 4x50m Medley Relay (Gold). He was also a key member in the water-polo team that achieve the gold medals in the National Inter-Schools Championship during his JC days. During his tertiary years at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Eugene Captained his team to win Gold at the Inter-Varsity Water Polo competition. Despite his passion for swimming, studies were never neglected and he eventually graduated with 2nd Upper Class Honours in Bachelor of Science. Eugene is well qualified, having multiple certifications from various organisations from Singapore (National Registry of Coaches, NROC), the UK (Swimming Teacher’s Association, STA), and the US (American Swimming Coaches Association, ASCA) to teach babies, toddlers, adults, and individuals with special needs. He is also a qualified instructor trainer that conducts courses to certify new swim coaches for SSI (Swim Schools International) and SSTA (Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association). Eugene has a unique coaching and mentoring style. He focuses on refining his coaching style to bring out the best in his students. Parents and guardians are often amazed by how quickly he is able to connect with children of various personalities, temperaments, and ages. When developing new swim coaches, Eugene advocates a hands-on approach where trainees experience the bulk of the learning during “live” swim lessons. He emphasizes the need to establish trust and rapport with students first, understand their personalities, before commencing their lesson plans. Eugene constantly enhances his training program with feedback from existing coaches and students and even holds weekly pool sessions with his colleagues to discuss teaching technicalities. Eugene aspires to take TSR and swim coaching to new heights. He is determined to leverage technology, Artificial Intelligence, and social media to assist swim coaches in enhancing their lessons. Despite the pandemic, swim coaching has proven to be a sustainable path for many individuals who recognize the fun and satisfaction it brings. Eugene hopes to promote these aspects to the wider community and bask in the exciting times ahead, wearing a wetsuit, of course.

ben ng

Co-Founder/ Mentor Coach

Ben is what we use in a Hokkien phrase – an ‘old bird’. With a strong passion for teaching and years of experience behind his coaching career, Ben enjoys spending time with kids and gets great satisfaction from helping complete beginners gain confidence. He is full of surprises and has many tricks up his sleeves.

elvin ting

Co-Founder/ Senior Coach

Passion plays a big part in everything that Elvin does, and swimming has always been his lifelong passion. Coaching was the first step to sharing his passion and enthusiasm to the rest of the world. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with his students, enriching them and empowering them with a skill that will come in useful for the rest of their lives.

donovan ong

Mentor Coach

Donovan’s experience in swim coaching spans more than a decade and over the years, he has been relentless in upgrading his skills and knowledge of the water. As a lifeguard trainer and our resident First Aid trainer, the team often turn to Don for knowledge and clarification for swimming related issues. In his own time, Don is a volunteer for Singapore’s Youth At-Risk, and has helped kids and teens overcome troubled times in their lives. A knowledgeable and selfless swim coach, with a big heart indeed!

jason teo

Mentor Coach

Jason is an experienced swimming instructor who emphasizes strong basic swimming fundamentals and proper body balance in the water. He takes a personalized approach to teaching, adjusting his methods to best suit each student's learning style. Jason is also highly creative and uses various techniques, such as games and challenges, to make the learning experience enjoyable for his students. As a result, he has gained a loyal following of students who appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.

ong shu wen

Mentor Coach

One quality stands out when you watch Shu Wen conduct her swim lessons, Leadership! As a current member and former Captain of the Singapore’s Canoe Polo National Women’s team, as well as an ex MOE PE Teacher, Shu Wen’s students often look up to her as a “Big Sister”, inspiring them to learn and improve their swimming techniques. She personally hopes that more kids will pick up unique water sports through strengthening their love for swimming.

stanley tan

Senior Coach

Stanley and Eugene go way back as primary and secondary school swim teammates and he shares Eugene’s philosophy of combining fun with learning, to bring out the best in his students. Don’t be fooled by his youthful looks and demeanour, this father of 2 has a zeal for swimming that is so infectious, that it often inspires others to fall in love with the water. Stanley found his true calling as a swim coach and strives to impart his knowledge and skills to all his students.

claudia lim

Senior Coach

Another one of our talented athletes/ swim coach, Claudia started off as a competitive swimmer, and has since ventured into triathlons and now ironman. Despite her intensive training schedule, She sets aside time to pursue her other passion: coaching kids to swim. Claudia joined TSR when she was 17 and has since gained much experience to handle students of various ages and personalities.

jared chan

Mentor Coach

A former lifeguard, Jared's knowledge and instinct in the water gives him an added advantage as a swim coach. Combined with his friendly and jovial personality, Jared gives his kids an added confidence in overcoming their initial fear of water, which he personally finds truly rewarding. He believes the fear of water should not stop anyone from enjoying the pool/ sea in a fun and safe manner!

mike chee

Senior Coach

Eugene met Mike during one of their In-Camp Trainings and found that his is vibrant and jovial personality would be a good fit to his team. True enough, Mike always strives to get a smile from all of his students by the end of the lesson. Additionally, Mike has a unique blend of approachability and assertiveness that serves well to bring out the best in his students.

ken shing

Senior Coach

A former competitive swimmer in school, Ken's passion for swimming led him to pursue a career as a swim coach upon graduation. With a fun loving and patient persona, Ken is known as the gentle giant and has a way with kids that is amazing, they just listen to him! He strives to make full use of his abilities to build precious rapport with his students, gain their trust, and enjoy learning in the process!

christopher lee


Chris maybe one of the oldest in the team, but it definitely doesn’t show! He competes in Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons, which takes extreme dedication and discipline. Yet you will find that he has a heart of gold, and prides himself in ensuring that his swim students learn at a comfortable and enjoyable pace. He believes swimming should never be stressful, and should be something his students can look forward to every week.

jervis ang


While Jervis is still undergoing his undergrad studies, he has already found his calling in swim coaching. One may say that juggling between full time studies and a job may be difficult, yet Jervis begs to differ, in fact swim coaching gives him the perfect uplift in an otherwise mundane life as a student. As a result, Jervis treats every lesson he conducts as an opportunity to bring joy and laughter to not only his students, but to himself as well!

louis tan


We weren’t joking when we said our swim coaches come from all walks of life; Louis is a commercial pilot by profession and safety is definitely one of his top priorities. An avid swimmer himself, Louis was “discovered” by our co-founder Eugene during a dinner at a mutual friends’ place. Louis’ lively and fun interaction with his godkids and Eugene’s daughters, caught Eugene’s eye, and the rest is history!

adam ng


Adam is not only a swim coach, he is a dive instructor as well! It comes to no surprise that teaching runs in his veins. Whether he is on the surface or underwater, Adam is a natural in his coaching delivery and safety mindedness. His passion for the water is also extremely obvious when he conducts his lessons always with a big smile and guiding hand, bringing joy and laughter to his students. He says seeing his students progress each week only widens his smile!

samuel wong


Sam is one of the most down to earth and easy going guys to join TSR as a Swim Coach. Kids love his big brother persona and always feel safe with his guiding hand. His steady demeanour can be attributed to his background as a paramedic where the safety culture has been imbued in him. He’s peers often commend his communication skills as he is able to breakdown complicated instructions into simple ones, and this has helped many of his students hit that “lightbulb” moment to pull off a certain stroke.

bok cuitian


Cui Tian was 5 years old when she started her swimming journey with Coach Eugene. She continued her lessons for the next 17 years and has come full circle by joining TSR as a full fledged Swim Coach. The experience garnered from learning with one of TSR’s Co-Founder for the past 17 years will certainly go well with her happy and enthusiastic personality. Cui Tian is no stranger to coaching as she was an assistant Coach in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club. Her leadership qualities and outgoing personality also stems from being a Drum Major and Student Leader during her school days. We are proud to watch Cui Tian grow over the years and heartened for her to join us as a Swim Coach!

peh yiyan


Yi Yan is no stranger to swim coaching and joined TSR as she believed that our philosophy of learning through fun resonates strongly with her personality. She’s well known to be jovial and gentle that her students often connect and click easily with her. Yi Yan swam competitively during her school days which makes her a natural in teaching basic strokes. She absolutely loves teaching kids and engaging with them. Her biggest satisfaction comes from watching her students reactions whenever they learn something new. In her own time, Yi Yan loves to travel and explore the great outdoors, trying new activities that involves water elements.

tan wei ming


Coach Weiming, besides excelling in swimming, is a multifaceted individual with a passion for fitness, Muay Thai, reading, cooking, and sports like soccer and basketball. Raised in a difficult environment, he transformed his youthful independence and rebelliousness into determination, making him both patient and easygoing. He is dedicated to self-improvement and strives to mentor the next generation while also actively engaging in voluntary work to give back to society, making him not just a coach but a well-rounded role model for aspiring athletes and coaches alike.



Meet Weihong, a seasoned swim coach with a passion for cultivating excellence in his students. With a wealth of experience, Weihong finds immense joy in witnessing the progress and increased efficiency of his swimmers as they navigate through the water.

Roxanne LIM


Coach Rox is a fitness enthusiast, known for her vibrant personality and constant smile, she is always creating a welcoming and positive environment for all. With her background as a personal trainer, she aspires to design fun and engaging programs that instill a love for the water from a young age. She believes in making each lesson enjoyable, to help foster confidence and enthusiasm in young swimmers!

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