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start your swim journey with us!

Our coaches

We work as one team, advocating the best in class coaching standard when delivering each and every swim lesson for all our students.

Co-Founder / Instructor Trainer / Head Coach

Eugene Ting

Eugene is a proud father of three daughters and an experienced swim coach who has dedicated over 20 years to coaching students of various ages and personalities

Co-Founder / Mentor Coach

ben ng

Ben embodies the essence of an 'old bird' in the Hokkien phrase. With a deep passion for teaching and extensive experience in coaching, he finds immense joy in interacting with children.

Co-Founder / Senior Coach

elvin ting

Passion is a driving force in all of Elvin's endeavors, and swimming has remained his lifelong passion.

Where Talent Surfaces


The Swimming Room provides students space for learning at their own pace, with the dedicated support of professional coaches.


From para swimming and open water swimming to lifesaving courses, our varied range of programmes is designed to elevate your proficiency in navigating the waters.


Beyond our structured curriculum, we craft exceptional experiences at our proprietary swimming facility you and your loved ones can share in.

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trusted by many

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swim foundation

Here, we focus on the basics and fundamentals of swimming where students are introduced to water safety as they familiarised themselves around the pool and water.

swim techniques

At these 4 levels, students will be learning the 4 recognised swimming strokes - Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. 

swim excellence

Students should be competent in all four swim strokes and will be further refining their stroke techniques to meet distances and time. The focus will be on speed and endurance. 

our customised programme

The swimming programme, consisting of 8 levels, is a unique and comprehensive curriculum designed by our team of experienced coaches - to mould any individual from a complete beginner to a competent swimmer. 

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our lesson fees

For newly registered students, there is a one-time registration fee of $100.00.
This includes a set of TSR wet suit (for kids), swim cap, TSR Swim Foundation Certificate, access to our online portal.

from $200/mo

Having racked up over 10,000 hours of experience guiding students with diverse learning styles and needs, our senior coaches are committed to nurturing and growing alongside their students.

senior coach


from $150/mo

With the high calibre of our coaches, all of whom undergo a stringent selection process and continual training, you can rest assured that our classes and curriculum are nothing short of quality.

mentor coach

from $225/mo

Our mentor coaches empower not only our students, but also our team of coaches. With their dedicated mentoring, our coaches are able to support every student in elevating their performance.

kickstart your

swimming journey today!

Select the Venue for your Swimming Lessons:
Private pool (Condominium/ house)
Pool at D'Arena (Upper Jurong)
Selected ActiveSG Swimming Complex
Please select your preferred day for swimming lessons.
Please select your preferred time for swimming lessons.
Swimming competency of student
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