As per MOH's and SportSG's latest guideline issued on the 21 November, we are pleased to inform you that we will be able to resume classes for students 12yo and under up to a group of 5 (including instructor) from 22 November!


You can read more about the guideline in this link: 


Aside from keeping in place our existing COVID-19 safety measures, we are also conducting FETs (Fast and Easy Tests) every 7 days for all our coaches. 

We thank you for your continued support

Do contact us if you have any further enquires.

Meantime, stay safe and positive! 💪❤️😘





The Swimming Room is a premium swim school that provides a holistic swim-learning journey to all ages. Our goal is to bring out the innate talent in each individual student through the use of the latest in training aids, under the warm guidance of our professionally trained panel of specialty coaches.



Our Coaches and Values


We work as one team, advocating the best in class coaching standard when delivering each and every swim lesson for all our students. Our entrenched values revolves around PEOPLE that signify the following.

P:Passionate about coaching

E: Engaging all our students

O: Out of the box thinking when face with challenges

P: Professional with highest standard

L: Leaders and role models

E: Enthusiastic in every class  



Our Strokes and Strides


We are committed to providing the ultimate learning experience by bringing to life an engaging curriculum, through the collaboration of dedicated trainers and seamless integration of training technology.



Our Blue Oceans


We aim to be the Premium Swim School that Cultivates Water Confidence and Nurtures Swimmers of All Ages and Background. Provide the optimum environment to bring the best out of every individual. Where Talent Surfaces.











Meet our TSR swim coaches! We are in the serious business of fun and learning. We came together from all walks of life for the love and passion for swimming. Each one of us bring our own unique brand of fun and enthusiasm into the water, whilst ensuring the safety of your kids.  

State of Art System

Proprietary online progression system that allows our coaches to update the skill sets taught to you or your child during the course of their swim learning experience. From objective setting to indicating areas for improvement as well as milestones throughout the entire learning journey.

Register Online

Online registration system that allows you to specify the key training objective that you wish to accomplish during your time with us. This ensures that every student learns at a comfortable pace, with the friendly and professional instructor at the helm guiding them towards their objectives.

Structured Classes

 Our swim classes are structured into different levels (from starfish to sharks to help with learners of all ages. Starting with the fundamentals (which is vital to student’s future development), our students will progress at different speeds to ensure that the lesson objectives are achieved, whilst having fun!

Evaluation & Assessment

Each student goes through a fine tuned process of evaluation and assessment before we place them into our classes.


Professional Coaches

TSR Coaches are local coaching talent who possess not just great coaching skills local and/or international coaching certificate but also great people skills.


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Co-Founder/ Instructor Trainer

As a proud father of 3 daughters, and having coached thousands of students over 20 years, Eugene has developed a natural flair in coaching students of all ages and personalities. You will be amazed by how instantly Eugene connects and inspires kids to learn swimming! Combined with his strong technical foundation as a former competitive swimmer and varsity water polo captain in his younger days, Eugene also imparts his knowledge, technique and secret recipe to certify his swim coaches to pass on his philosophy of fun and learning to their respective students.



Co-Founder/ Mentor Coach

Ben is what we use in a Hokkien phrase – an ‘old bird’. With a strong passion for teaching and years of experience behind his coaching career, Ben enjoys spending time with kids and gets great satisfaction from helping complete beginners gain confidence. He is full of surprises and has many tricks up his sleeves.



Co-Founder/ Senior Coach

Passion plays a big part in everything that Elvin does, and swimming has always been his lifelong passion. Coaching was the first step to sharing his passion and enthusiasm to the rest of the world. He loves sharing his knowledge and experiences with his students, enriching them and empowering them with a skill that will come in useful for the rest of their lives.



Mentor Coach

Donovan’s experience in swim coaching spans more than a decade and over the years, he has been relentless in upgrading his skills and knowledge of the water. As a lifeguard trainer and our resident First Aid trainer, the team often turn to Don for knowledge and clarification for swimming related issues. In his own time, Don is a volunteer for Singapore’s Youth At-Risk, and has helped kids and teens overcome troubled times in their lives. A knowledgeable  and selfless swim coach, with a big heart indeed!



Senior Coach

Stanley and Eugene go way back as primary and secondary school swim teammates and he shares Eugene’s philosophy of combining fun with learning, to bring out the best in his students. Don’t be fooled by his youthful looks and demeanour, this father of 2 has a zeal for swimming that is so infectious, that it often inspires others to fall in love with the water. Stanley found his true calling as a swim coach and strives to impart his knowledge and skills to all his students. 



Senior Coach

One quality stands out when you watch Shu Wen conduct her swim lessons, Leadership! As a current member and former Captain of the Singapore’s Canoe Polo National Women’s team, as well as an ex MOE PE Teacher, Shu Wen’s students often look up to her as a “Big Sister”, inspiring them to learn and improve their swimming techniques. She personally hopes that more kids will pick up unique water sports through strengthening their love for swimming. 




Eugene met Mike during one of their In-Camp Trainings and found that his is vibrant and jovial personality would be a good fit to his team. True enough, Mike always strives to get a smile from all of his students by the end of the lesson. Additionally, Mike has a unique blend of approachability and assertiveness that serves well to bring out the best in his students.




A former lifeguard, Jared's knowledge and instinct in the water gives him an added advantage as a swim coach. Combined with his friendly and jovial personality, Jared gives his kids an added confidence in overcoming their initial fear of water, which he personally finds truly rewarding. He believes the fear of water should not stop anyone from enjoying the pool/ sea in a fun and safe manner!




Another one of our talented athletes/ swim coach, Claudia started off as a competitive swimmer, and has since ventured into triathlons and now ironman. Despite her intensive training schedule, She sets aside time to pursue her other passion: coaching kids to swim. Claudia joined TSR when she was 17 and has since gained much experience to handle students of various ages and personalities. 




Chris maybe one of the oldest in the team, but it definitely doesn’t show! He competes in Ironman triathlons and ultra marathons, which takes extreme dedication and discipline. Yet you will find that he has a heart of gold, and prides himself in ensuring that his swim students learn at a comfortable and enjoyable pace. He believes swimming should never be stressful, and should be something his students can look forward to every week.




A former competitive swimmer in school, Ken's passion for swimming led him to pursue a career as a swim coach upon graduation. With a fun loving and patient persona, Ken is known as the gentle giant and has a way with kids that is amazing, they just listen to him! He strives to make full use of his abilities to build precious rapport with his students, gain their trust, and enjoy learning in the process!




Adam is not only a swim coach, he is a dive instructor as well! It comes to no surprise that teaching runs in his veins. Whether he is on the surface or underwater, Adam is a natural in his coaching delivery and safety mindedness. His passion for the water is also extremely obvious when he conducts his lessons always with a big smile and guiding hand, bringing joy and laughter to his students. He says seeing his students progress each week only widens his smile!




While Jervis is still undergoing his undergrad studies, he has already found his calling in swim coaching. One may say that juggling between full time studies and a job may be difficult, yet Jervis begs to differ, in fact swim coaching gives him the perfect uplift in an otherwise mundane life as a student. As a result, Jervis treats every lesson he conducts as an opportunity to bring joy and laughter to not only his students, but to himself as well!




We weren’t joking when we said our swim coaches come from all walks of life; Louis is a commercial pilot by profession and safety is definitely one of his top priorities. An avid swimmer himself, Louis was “discovered” by our co-founder Eugene during a dinner at a mutual friends’ place. Louis’ lively and fun interaction with his godkids and Eugene’s daughters, caught Eugene’s eye, and the rest is history! 


Denise Ng


Denise's love for watersports is only rivalled by her passion for coaching kids! An ex-competitive swimmer who pivoted to dragon-boating representing Singapore in various national competitions, Denise has found her calling to spread the joy of swim coaching. Her bubbly and smiley personality puts her young students at ease while learning to gain water confidence, while her strong swimming foundation makes her an overall well rounded swim coach!



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