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The Swimming Room is a premium swim school that provides a holistic swim-learning journey to all ages. Our goal is to bring out the innate talent in each individual student through the use of the latest in training aids, under the warm guidance of our professionally trained panel of specialty coaches.



Our Coaches and Values


We work as one team, advocating the best in class coaching standard when delivering each and every swim lesson for all our students. Our entrenched values revolves around PEOPLE that signify the following.

P:Passionate about coaching

E: Engaging all our students

O: Out of the box thinking when face with challenges

P: Professional with highest standard

L: Leaders and role models

E: Enthusiastic in every class  



Our Strokes and Strides


We are committed to providing the ultimate learning experience by bringing to life an engaging curriculum, through the collaboration of dedicated trainers and seamless integration of training technology.



Our Blue Oceans


We aim to be the Premium Swim School that Cultivates Water Confidence and Nurtures Swimmers of All Ages and Background. Provide the optimum environment to bring the best out of every individual. Where Talent Surfaces.











Eugene Ting (Co-Founder/ Instructor Trainer)

A competitive streak runs in Eugene’s veins. Grabbing top spots in national swim meets and water polo competitions, this ex-swim captain from the National University of Singapore takes to the pool the same determination and focus in coaching his students.

A certified coach under the National Registry of Coaches (Sport Singapore) Eugene brings with him years of coaching experience. Students and parents request for him by name, a testament to his coaching prowess.

Ben Ng (Co-Founder/ Senior Coach/ Mentor Coach)

Ben is a certified coach under the AustSwim Swimming and Water Safety programme and our local Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Association STC Level 2.

An avid water-polo player, he has represented various schools and associations for the sport. With a passion for teaching and years of experience behind his coaching career, Ben enjoys spending time with the kids, getting a great satisfaction from helping non-swimmers build water confidence.

Elvin Ting (Co-Founder/ Senior Coach)

Passion plays a big part in everything that Elvin does, and swimming has always been his lifelong passion. Getting his certification from NROC (National Registry of Coaches) was the first step to sharing his passion and enthusiasm to the rest of the world.

Elvin enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences to his students, enriching them and empowering them with a skill that will come in useful for the rest of their lives.

Charles Leong (Senior Coach/ Mentor Coach)

Charles has a soft spot for kids. His nurturing demeanor and patience marks him as one of the best coaches around. With a certification from NROC (National Registry of Coaches), Charles takes his passion one more step by undergoing the STA course in Aquatic Teaching for People with Disabilities.

He takes pride in seeing his students grow from strength to strength, having the mastery to not only be water confident, but to assist and help other swimmers in distress

Darryl Phang (Senior Coach)

Representing Singapore since the age of 10, ex-national swimmer Darryl has participated in countless overseas swim meets, grabbing top spots. With more than 10 years of coaching experience, he has always been passionate about teaching and wants to share valuable swim techniques he has learnt over the years. Nothing beats the joy of watching his students master the right techniques. 

Mike Chee

Certified under AustSwim and NROC (National Registry of Coaches), Mike believes in coaching to make a difference. A vibrant go getter, his personality is infectious.

Striving to get a smile from all of his students at the end of a lesson, Mike understands the need to be approachable yet firm at the same time.

Stanley Tan

An avid swimmer since he was introduced to the pool at a tender age of 3 years old. His zeal for swimming is highly infectious often inspiring others to fall in love with water.

Stanley's purpose in life is to transform and impart right swimming techniques to as many people as he could within his lifetime.

Ong Shu-Wen

Education had been a lifelong passion for ShuWen as she believes that everyone should have the right opportunity to grow and develop.

Coupling her love for kids with her strong background in water sports and as fully certified swimming coach, ShuWen strives to bring out the best in all her students!

Derrick Chee

Derrick not only swims, but he bikes and runs. He is a triathlete, so when he is not coaching, he is running or cycling!

Derrick enjoys teaching and guiding young ones develop a love for swimming. Seeing them grow as their skill-achievements unlock brings him some of life’s greatest joy.

Jared Chan

A former lifeguard, safety has always been Jared’s number one priority. And second on his list – FUN! He believes the fear of water should not stop one from enjoying fun at the pool and sea.

A certified lifeguard and swimming coach, Jared strives to not only teach the skill of swimming, but also the self-confidence that swimming develops.

Claudia Lim

Having started off a competitive swimmer, Claudia has since ventured into triathlons and now IRONMAN. She has also found joy in teaching swimming and sets aside time for coaching despite her intensive training schedule. As a swimming coach, she strongly believes in her students and is constantly challenging the younger ones as they pick up new skills, and the older ones as they strive towards achieving swim excellence.

Christopher Lee

Chris is someone who just keeps going. An Ironman triathlete and ultra-marathoner, he maybe one of the oldest in the team, but it never shows! He would also spend hours on youtube analysing swim strokes. With a heart of gold, he takes pride in ensuring students learn at a comfortable and enjoyable pace. As a coach, he believes that swimming should never be a stressful thing; it should be something his students can look forward to every week.

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Our coaches are a bunch of driven, fun loving people. Brilliantly certified in their relevant specialist fields and in first aid, The Swimming Room Team takes to the water with enthusiasm, passion, and love for the sport.

State of Art System

Proprietary online progression system that allows our coaches to update the skill sets taught to you or your child during the course of their swim learning experience. From objective setting to indicating areas for improvement as well as milestones throughout the entire learning journey.

Register Online

Online registration system that allows you to specify the key training objective that you wish to accomplish during your time with us. This ensures that every student learns at a comfortable pace, with the friendly and professional instructor at the helm guiding them towards their objectives.

Structured Classes

 Our swim classes are structured into different levels (from starfish to sharks to help with learners of all ages. Starting with the fundamentals (which is vital to student’s future development), our students will progress at different speeds to ensure that the lesson objectives are achieved, whilst having fun!

Evaluation & Assessment

Each student goes through a fine tuned process of evaluation and assessment before we place them into our classes.


Professional Coaches

TSR Coaches are local coaching talent who possess not just great coaching skills local and/or international coaching certificate but also great people skills.


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TSR Pool @ NTU Alumni Club Level 4

11 Slim Barracks Rise

Singapore 138664

Email: Admin@TheSwimmingRoom.com


Tel: +65 6908 5006/ 9644 3077


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