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Helping kids learn to swim is what we do best.

Our carefully designed TSR syllabus focuses on building a strong foundation and water confidence, perfecting swim techniques before striving for swim excellence to improve speed and endurance.

We believe that all kids should enjoy the process of learning.

We want them to enjoy swimming because swimming is not only a lifelong skill, it can also be a lifestyle.

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  A peak into what your swim journey will look like!  


The Swimming Room is a premium swim school that provides a holistic swim-learning journey to all ages. Our goal is to bring out the innate talent in each individual student through the use of the latest in training aids, under the warm guidance of our professionally trained panel of specialty coaches.


We work as one team, advocating the best in class coaching standard when delivering each and every swim lesson for all our students. Our entrenched values revolves around PEOPLE that signify the following.

P:Passionate about coaching E: Engaging all our students O: Out of the box thinking when face with challenges 

P: Professional with highest standard L: Leaders and role models E: Enthusiastic in every class 


The swimming programme, consisting of 8 levels, is a unique and comprehensive curriculum designed by our team of experienced coaches - to mould any individual from a complete beginner to a competent swimmer. 


Every lesson is personalized to each student’s pace and abilities where we not only want to teach the skills, but we want to cultivate the joy of swimming. To ensure the currency and relevance of our syllabus, our coaches regularly review and fine-tune its contents and pedagogies used to coach and engage our students. Furthermore, all our students are fully prepared for SwimSafer tests and certifications. 

Our coaches will be teaching and tracking student's progress based on this syllabus.

They will also be updating in the online system which parents will be able to log in 

to to check their children's progress. 

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TSR Syllabus consists of 8 Levels: 

  • Level 1: Water Familiarisation

  • Level 2: Water Confidence

  • Level 3: Breath Managment

  • Level 4: Frontcrawl

  • Level 5: Breaststroke

  • Level 6: Backstroke

  • Level 7: Butterfly

  • Level 8: Speed & Endurance

Levels 1-3 are catagorised under 

Swim Foundation

Here, we focus on the basics and fundamentals of swimming where students are introduced to water safety as they familiarised themselves around the pool and water.Their confidence in the water slowly builds, as they learn new skills and basic survival techniques followed by breath management which is the basis to learning the swim strokes in their next progression. 

Levels 4-7 are categorised under 

Swim Techniques

At these 4 levels, students will be learning the 4 recognised swimming strokes - Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. The focus will be on swiming techniques, stroke correction and refinement and also skills sets which enables them to do competitive swimming as well as SwimSafer. 

Level 8 is categorised under 

Swim Excellence

Students should be competent in all four swim strokes and will be further refining their stroke techniques to meet distances and time. The focus will be on speed and endurance. 


For newly registered students,
there is a one-time registration fee of $100.00.
This includes a set of
TSR wet suit (for kids) | Swim cap | TSR Swim Foundation Certificate | Access to our online portal
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For more details and existing promotions

  Lessons are weekly 45 minute sessions 


We can conduct lessons at your convenience if you have access to a pool.
If not, come to us!
Click here to find out more!
You can also join our group classes at selected Active SG Swimming Complexes.
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A brief list of the pools we teach at. We are continuously adding new locations even as we speak, and we look forward to starting a class at your place!


Fill us in on some of these details and we will reach out to you as soon as we can with the lesson arrangements!
Enquiry for Swimming Lessons
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For all other enquiries, feel free to contact us directly!




Tel: +65 9644 3077


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Blk D Swimming Pool

511 Upper Jurong Rd

Singapore 638366

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