Brought to you by Squeezed! in collaboration with The Swimming Room:


one stop

A 30-minute swim program at our pool by The Swimming Room

Healthy hearty lunch and cold-pressed juice by Squeezed!


We want to provide you an easy access to a quick and effective workout

and save you the hassle of getting lunch!

1.Lunch time

2.Quick walk to the pool

3.Complete 30min

Swim W.O.D

4.Grab your

lunch & juice

5.Back to work - 


30-minute Swim

A.k.a the Workout Of the Day (W.O.D)

Each week, The Swimming Room will design and put up

two 30-minute swim programs:

For the stronger swimmers:
a higher intensity
swim program
For the less regular swimmers:
a manageable keep-fit
swim regime

A swimming coach will be present to join the swim, provide feedback when needed

and some tips to help you swim more efficiently!

This is a guide to follow and it is not a must to complete the workout.

But as swimmers we know that a swimming programme definitely helps

keeps us on track!

Lunch & Juice

Squeezed! is all about making wholesome foods convenient, fun and enjoyable.

They are passionate about making healthy living more accessible to the masses.

This is total wellness - completing a workout with a healthy meal and juice after.

Squeezed! 's 100% natural cold-pressed juice together with a healthy meal will be packed

and delivered to the swimming pool each week. 

After your swim, you can grab your set to go or have it quietly by the pool,

before heading back to work.

Hassle free. No rush. No queue. No crowd.

You will get this nowhere else!

*Free first session for first 20 sign-ups!*




TSR Pool

NTU Alumni Club Level 4,

11 Slim Barracks Rise Singapore 138664


Every Wednesday


12:00pm to 1:00pm


$50 monthly or $15 per session.



For more enquires:

9644 3077

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