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Why Enroll Your Kids in Our TSR Swim Classes

Swimming is a life skill best learned earlier rather than later in life. When you enroll your children in swim classes, you're giving them the gift of fun and learning as well as investing in their future.

The Swimming Room is a premium swim school providing a holistic swim learning journey for all ages. Through use of a state-of-the-art online system, well-structured and progressive classes, and professional coaches who undergo regular upskilling, we bring out the best in each of our students and allow their talent to surface.

Here are the top three reasons why you should enroll your children in TSR swim classes.

Reason #1: We make learning fun!

We believe learning is best done when it's fun, so we do our best to create an environment where our students enjoy the lesson. We keep the class sizes small so each student receives focused coaching and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Our coaches are also more than just teachers; they develop rapport not just with their pupils but also with the parents.

Some families opt to sign up for lessons together, especially if they intend to take part in triathlons together. While the children learn the basic skills, the parents improve their technique and learn open water skills. Everyone has fun in the water and also gets quality family time together.

Reason #2: You can track your child's progress, and set goals.

Our classes are structured into different skill levels. Your child will undergo an initial assessment to see where they can best start so they learn proper fundamentals and face doable challenges so they can still have fun.

Our proprietary online progression system also allows you and your child to communicate with the coach even outside of class time. You can set the key objective for the next session, see areas for improvement, and track key milestones in swim skill development. This ensures your child can learn at a comfortable pace.

We have been able to help students overcome extreme water phobia so they can enjoy water sports. This system also allows us to cater to special needs students who may learn differently or at a different pace.

Progress Report from our online system

Reason #3: Our coaches undergo regular training and upskilling.

We have internationally certified coach trainers within our team who ensure that our coaches teach and model proper technique and maintain the highest standard of coaching through international and local certification.

We also have regular training sessions to improve not only our coaches' ability to teach, but also their own personal fitness and how they comport themselves.

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