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A HBL Initiative by The Swimming Room

We will be conducting 30 minute sessions weekly to teach skills pertaining to the different levels 
in our TSR Swim Syllabus. These sessions will be conducted Live on Zoom.
We want to allow our students to continue learning swim skills which can be translated to the waters. This will 
definitely facilitate easing them getting back into action, once swimming lessons can resume in the pool!

These are land sessions more focused on strength, mobility, body balance and positions
and swim techniques, with respect to each stroke.
Hence any student may choose to join any of the modules as long as it matches their age group.
Feel free to try and explore any!!!

5 Modules

to choose from


Dates & Time Slots

Select 1 module and attend all 3 sessions via the Zoom Link weekly.

(Zoom Session Links have been emailed to you) 


You may choose more than 1 module!

There are no restrictions to join any slot available, except age group (above or below 6 years old)


*Take note: the Weekend sessions will be covering the same topics as the Weekday sessions, so you just choose either one to attend.

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