We have put these policies in place to ensure your experience with us is a positive one.

We also have in place an online portal, which you will have access to once you have registered,

to help you keep track of and make all these administrations easy for you.

Registration Fees

For newly registered students, there is a one-time registration fee of $100.00.

This includes a set of TSR wet suit and swim cap.

Lesson Fees

Our fees are monthly fees.

All payment for lessons are to be completed prior to the first lesson of each month,

through our online system.

Payment will be made available online a week before the start of the following month.

Attire During Lesson

Students will be required to wear their issued TSR swim attire and cap

during the entire lesson period.

The students' wetsuit also help keeps them warm especially on cold days.

As it is part of the uniform, they would be required to buy a new suit

if there is a need (eg. the suit does not fit them anymore, the suit is lost/ spoilt)

Please inform us if you face any difficulties adhering to this.

"5th Week"

Do take note: there will be no lessons on the 29th to 31st of every month,

unless special arrangements are made. This is also a break for both students and coaches.

Days with No Lessons

There will be no lessons on the following dates for 2020:

Chinese New Year Eve > 24 Jan (Friday)

There will be lesson will be on 31 Jan (Friday)

Chinese New Year > 25 - 27 Jan

Lesson resumes on 28 Jan (Tuesday)

Good Friday > 10 Apr (Friday)

Labour Day > 1 May (Friday)

Vesak Day > 7 May (Thursday)

Hari Raya Puasa > 25 May (Monday)

There will be lesson on 24 May (Sunday)

Hari Raya Haji > 31 Jul (Friday)

National Day > 9 - 10 Aug

There will be lesson on 31 Aug (Monday)

Deepavali > 14 Nov (Saturday)

Year End Break For All Coaches & Students > 24 Dec 2020 - 1 Jan 2021

Last day of lesson for 2020 is 23 Dec (Wednesday)

Lesson resumes on 2 Jan 2021


Private and Group Classes

A private class is a 1 coach to 1 student class or a class consisting of siblings only.

Any other combinations are considered group classes.

Class Cancellations

In the event of inclement weather, the coach reserves the rights to

cancel or postpone the lesson for safety reasons.

Land drills or theory lessons may be conducted instead depending on suitability of the environment.

Replacement/ Make up Classes

Replacement/ Make up of classes are different for private and group classes.

  • For private classes:

The following will be entitled to a replacement class:


  1. Cancellation of lesson made by coach due to inclement weather

  2. Provision of a copy of a medical certificate

  3. Overseas travel (To inform 1 month in advance of travel date)

  4. Cancellation of lesson due to Public Holidays

  • For group classes:

There will be no refund or replacement for any missed classes. 

No extensions will be given for students who are late as lessons will start on time.

We will make special arrangement on a case-by-case basis, should

too many lessons be missed due to inclement wether.


We will arrange for students to join any of our group classes for replacement,

for missed classes due to :

  1. Overseas travels (To inform 1 month in advance)

  2. Provision of a copy of a medical certificate


 This will be facilitated by providing you with all suitable slots available at our pool

which your child may join to replace the missed class.


Note that your child may be under different coaches for replacement classes


Relief Coaches 

TSR reserves the rights to send a relief instructor should your

regular instructor be unavailable.

We strive to minimise the number of missed classes and we also understand that it can be difficult to arrange for make up classes amidst everyone's packed schedule.

Hence our team of coaches will be available to stand in for relief when there is a need for. 

All lesson plans will be prepared in advanced by your coach and passed on to the relief coach.

TSR Internal Assessment

All students will be learning according to The Swimming Room Syllabus.

They will be prepared for and required to go through internal swim assessments

at regular intervals throughout the year.

Should you require further clarifications,

feel free to contact us.

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