Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the maximum size of your group lesson?
A:  It depends on the age group formed. Usually for a younger age group it would be recommended to have a smaller group size of 4 for better learning environment. For the older age group, a bigger group size would encourage peer learning and a fun environment. For faster learning, solo class would be preferable.


Q: Would a private class or group class be better for my child?
A: Depends on the characteristic of your child. If your child has water phobia, needs more attention or is very young, we would suggest a private class. Otherwise group lesson would cultivate peer learning and positive competition which would create a fun learning environment.


Q: What are the personal equipment needed?
A:  You would need to bring your own goggles and kicking board. A wet suit would be provided once you register yourself as student in The Swimming Room. Any other equipment would be advice if needed. We can provide for you at the price indicated should you need us to get for you.  kicking board ($15),  backfloat ($10) and goggles ($20).


Q: Are your coaches certified?
A:  Yes, our coaches are all certified by Singapore Sport Council and Singapore Swimming Teacher's Association. All coaches certified lifeguard too. We take swimming lesson seriously and safety of our student our priority.


Q: Are there replacement classes?
A: Replacement classes are only applicable to private classes (One to one classes/ Classes with siblings only). For group class, there are no replacement lessons should the lesson be cancelled due to inclement weather. 

Q: Are there classes on public holiday?

A: No classes are conducted on public holidays.


Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: There is a one-time registration fee of $100 which will include a swim suit and a swim cap.


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