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Helping kids learn to swim is what we do best. Our carefully designed TSR syllabus focuses on building a strong foundation and water confidence, perfecting swim techniques before striving for

swim excellence to improve speed and endurance.

We believe that all kids should enjoy the process of learning. We want them to enjoy swimming because swimming is not only a lifelong skill, it can also be a lifestyle.



The Swimming Room Swim Syllabus (refer to A) is a unique and comprehensive curriculum designed by our team of experienced coaches - to mould any individual from a complete beginner to a competent swimmer. Every lesson is personalized to each student’s pace and abilities where we not only want to teach the skills, but we want to cultivate the joy of swimming. To ensure the currency and relevance of our syllabus, our coaches regularly review and fine-tune its contents and pedagogies used to coach and engageour students. Furthermore, all our students are fully prepared for the SwimSafer tests and certifications (refer to B)


(A) What is TSR Swim Syllabus? 

TSR Syllabus consists of 8 Levels: 

  • Level 1: Water Familiarisation

  • Level 2: Water Confidence

  • Level 3: Breath Managment

  • Level 4: Frontcrawl

  • Level 5: Breaststroke

  • Level 6: Backstroke

  • Level 7: Butterfly

  • Level 8: Speed & Endurance

Levels 1-3 are catagorised under Swim Foundation. Here, we focus on the basics and fundamentals of swimming where students are introduced to water safety as they familiarised themselves around the pool and water.Their confidence in the water slowly builds, as they learn new skills and basic survival techniques followed by breath management which is the basis to learning the swim strokes in their next progression. 

Levels 4-7 are categorised under Swim Techniques. At these 4 levels, students will be learning the 4 recognised swimming strokes - Frontcrawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly. The focus will be on swiming techniques, stroke correction and refinement and also skills sets which enables them to do competitive swimming as well as SwimSafer. 

Level 8 is categorised under Swim Excellence. Students should be competent in all four swim strokes and will be further refining their stroke techniques to meet distances and time. The focus will be on speed and endurance. 


(B) What is SwimSafer? 

SwimSafer consist of 6 Levels 

  • SwimSafer Stage 1

  • SwimSafer Stage 2

  • SwimSafer Stage 3 

  • SwimSafer Bronze 

  • SwimSafer Silver 

  • SwimSafer Gold 

SwimSafer is a national water safety program developed to raise the standard of swimming proficiency in Singapore.

It is the only programme recognised by local schools and institutions. Hence The Swimming Room Swim Syllabus is designed to fully equip all our students with the necessary skills sets for SwimSafer’s Certifications (SwimSafer Tests and Certifications are optional). This means that at the end of the course with The Swimming Room, a TSR student will have the ability to complete SwimSafer Gold Award if he/she wishes to do so.

The newly revised SwimSafer 2.0 programme aims to teach children and adults to be safe in, on and around the water and to swim well.


The next SwimSafer tests conducted by The Swimming Room will be scheduled in March:

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TSR Swim Tests

Our coaches will be teaching and tracking student's progress based on this syllabus.

They will also be updating in the online system which parents will be able to log in

to to check their children's progress. 

TSR Tests (Internal Swim Tests) will be conducted termly for all TSR students from Level 4 onwards.

Parents and students will be informed to attend the specific test based on their progression. 

Certificates will be awarded when students pass their tests!

Below are details of the 8 courses in our swimming syllabus.



At the end of Swim Foundation course, you will be awarded a TSR Certificate of Completion

and will be eligible to take SwimSafer Stage 1 Test (Optional).




  1. Understanding pool safety rules.

  2. Entry into and exit from chest deep pool from ladder and pool edge.

  3. Ability to perform hand walking in horizontal position in pool.

  4. Moving along the pool edge using hands only in chest deep pool.

  5. Assisted movement on front and back through the water for 5 metres.

  6. Comfortable in letting water flow down from head without goggles

  7. Confident jump into chest deep pool with support.





  1. Floating with kicking board with feet at pool edge.

  2.  Flutter Kick on front for 5 meters. (Assisted)

  3. Inhaling comfortably using the mouth

  4. Demonstrate the ability to hold breath for 10 seconds.

  5. Demonstrate front float for 10 seconds (Assisted).

  6. Demonstrate back float for 10 seconds (Assisted).

  7. Retrieve submerged objects from deep pool (Assisted).

  8. Confident jump into chest deep pool without support without goggles





  1. Ability to perform facedown forward glide.

  2. Recover to standing position from front and back float.

  3. Supported Flutter Kick with breath exchange.

  4. Ability to perform 5 breath exchanges in deep pool.

  5. Drown Proofing for 30 seconds.

  6. Compact jump into pool

  7. Dog Paddle with bubbling (Supported)

  8. Swimsafer Stage 1 skills set

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In this course, at the end of each Level, you will be required to take our TSR Swim Test.

A TSR Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the test and you will also be eligible for SwimSafer Stage 2 test onwards.





  1. Sitting Dive

  2. Demonstrate Sculling for 5 meters (feet first and head first)

  3. 25 meters Front crawl Swim with support

  4. Perform Kneeling Dive.

  5. Side breathing without support.

  6. Demonstrate head and feet first surface dives.

  7. Retrieve submerge objected from chest deep pool without goggles

  8. 25 meters Front crawl Swim.

  9. Swimsafer Stage 2 skills set





  1. Dorsi-Flexed breaststroke kick with support

  2. Perform forward somersault.

  3. Perform Squatting Dive.

  4. Tread water for 1 minute.

  5. 25 meters Breaststroke Swim.

  6. Straddle jump

  7. Moving through the water for 10m without goggles

  8. 25 meters Survival Backstroke Swim.

  9. Swimsafer Stage 3 skills set




  1. 5 meters underwater swim.

  2. Perform standing dive.

  3. 200 meters continuous swim.

  4. 25 meters Backstroke Swim

  5. Swimming with short sleeve shirt and long pants for 50m

  6. 25 meters sidestroke Swim.

  7. Swimsafer Bronze skills set





  1. 50 meters Front crawl Swim.

  2. 50 meters Breaststroke Swim.

  3. 50 meters Backstroke Swim.

  4. 100 meters continuous swim with long sleeves shirts and long pants.

  5. Tread water for 3 min (leg only, hand and leg, hand only)

  6. Remove clothing in water and making float with pants and float for 1 minute

  7. 400 meters continuous swim.

  8. 50 meters Butterfly Swim.

  9. Swimsafer Silver skills set

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There will be 8 Advanced TSR Skills Tests and TSR Achievement Badges will be awarded upon successful completion of these test.

At this stage, you will also be eligible to take the SwimSafer Gold Test.





  1. Understand FINA Swimming rules.

  2. Jump from 3m platform without PFD

  3. Able to perform competitive starts, turns and finish.

  4. 1000 meters continuous swim.

  5. 100 meter Front crawl swim with bilateral breathing

  6. 4 x 50m Individual Medley within 6 minutes.

  7. 50 meters Front crawl swim within 1 minute.

  8. 50 meters Breaststroke swim within 1:10 min.

  9. 50 Meter Backstroke swim within 1:30 min.

  10. 50 Meter Butterfly swim within 1:30 min.

  11. 100 Meters Open Water Swim.

  12. Swimsafer Gold skills set

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