TSR: Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Donovan: I love to experience different types of sports and martial arts since young. I would say, most of them are at the competitive level and it's the adrenaline and friendships formed out of sports that make it fun and enjoyab...

Coach Donavan from The Swimming Room conducted the Lifesaving 1, 2, 3 courses with students from Republic Polytechnic over 10 sessions. The final test was conducted at Queenstown Swimming Complex over the weekend and we are happy to announce that all our trainees have...

So my colleague coach Nadya was asked during one of her adult class the other day about what strokes helps one to burn the most calories in order to lose weight.

Most people will guess the Butterfly as it is the most physically demanding stroke where one must kick force...

Parents should get their children with special needs into swimming classes for many reasons.

Learning how to swim is a survival skill and everyone will at some point in their life be near a swimming pool, beach or any body of water.

Many people with special needs are afr...

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It's all about how you catch and push the water and not how fast you catch. A slower, more effective catch will help you swim faster than if you do a faster but poorly executed catch pull.

At The Swimming Room, this has been one of the fundamental t...

Swimming is a life skill best learned earlier rather than later in life. When you enroll your children in swim classes, you're giving them the gift of fun and learning as well as investing in their future.

The Swimming Room is a premium swim school providing a holistic...

We at The Swimming Room believe in gradually increasing the intensity and complexity of swim lessons to help our students learn faster.

Swimming has many benefits and applications in life, marking it as an important life skill everyone needs to learn whether as a child or in adulthood. It is never too late to learn!

The Swimming Room coach Stanley Tan lays out the top three reasons you need to learn to...

While open water swimming employs the same strokes as pool swimming, it has its own unique challenges. The Swimming Room coaches conducted an Open Water Swim clinic last weekend to teach what swimmers need to know and do to be safe in the open water.

Those new to open w...

We live in an instant gratification society, with a focus on immediate results. However, here at The Swimming Room, we believe that we should gradually increase the intensity of the lesson allowing our students to learn faster in less time than they would otherwise.

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